About Us

Vellum – Home Fashion Studio

Universal Overseas Ltd is operating fine furnishing retail outlet under the brand name “Vellum – Home Fashion Studio”.  Vellum brings and exquisite range of Furnishings & Home Décor products to bedazzle the Indian customer.


Vellum Furnishings – a unit of Universal Overseas Ltd., offers inspirational designs, innovative textures and refreshing colours in home fashion. The services provided at Vellum’s stores are prompt and attentive to the need of all customers.


Our designers transform the ordinary into the extra ordinary by choosing our wide range of home décor accessories. You can complement your room décor with our intriguing design and a verity of fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, leather, polyester, viscose and nylon.

We also customise the fabric according to the clients need.



We believe a well-designed space should inspire, surprise, humor, delight, and comfort those who experience it. Every project brings its own story and depth, and that uniqueness is brought to the forefront of each design.


Our goal is not to achieve a particular style or look, but rather to create a design that is harmonious and relevant. Our inspiration has no boundaries, from an elegant urban boutique to a rough and tumble lumber yard with simple reclaimed timber. Deep roots in fashion, psychology and the arts are manifested in thoughtful and unexpected ways. The result is an authentic collaboration of minds and materials, with a bit of edginess and humor for good measure.


To meet our client’s taste, we represent the finest international labels in India. These include names such as Silk Craft, USA, Prestigious Textiles, U. K., and countries of the European Union Germany, Italy, France and Spain.


Every room of your home is like a big picture that expresses its purpose through its colour, décor and appearance, At Vellum, we have the largest collection of home décor that adds substance and style to make you feel that your space is the way you like it.

Bed Linen
Our bed lines are made of enthral our clings by providing a soft and easy to maintain collection of bedcovers, cushion covers, quilts and duvet covers which are available in prints, Embroideries, patch work and handcraft.


Curtain Fabrics
The choice of curtain says a lot about your individuality and personality. Our elegant collection and strong style will add luxury and exquisiteness to any setting, filling it with freshness and energy.

Our range of different colours, fabrics and designs will ensure that you achieve a spot on coordination and create an innovative and a picture perfect look in your homes.



Inspired by modernity, urbanity, classic and the wild, our collection is associated with pride and creativity. It provides a riot of colours, patterns and textures to revamp and restyle your personal space.

Created in 2012

+200 Bed Cover Designs

+500 Cushions

+100 Curtain Designs

+100 Upholstery Designs